Public Relations

This collection is an assortment of pieces that are specific to Public Relations. The first two pieces were for my Public Relations capstone in my last semester of senior year. Our group worked with a specialized education client for a PR campaign dedicated to their annual 5k run. I served as the Account Coordinator, stylistic editor, and main writer. Both pieces received an A+, and the proposal was designated the best in class by my professor. I wrote 100% of the proposal and memo.

The other pieces were assignments for my PR writing class and received full credit. The last three pieces are a part of a portfolio project. I created the brand Cosmic Cosmetics and crafted PR pieces for the portfolio. Each submission is imaginary, meaning I am not associated with the brands or companies that I wrote on behalf of in class.

TD Bank Co-op

This collection is an assortment of projects completed at my first Co-op with TD Bank in the summer of 2016. The first article showcases the project that myself and other team members completed during the summer. The second article covers my suggestions for TD's intranet redesign and how the Corporate and Public Affairs team can be better storytellers within TD's brand and positioning. The third article displays my ranking and categorization of media stories according to TD's thought pillars, which was presented to TD's PR agency in New York.

The last four articles were published on TD's intranet for their TD and Employee News section.

QVC Co-op

This collection is an assortment of pieces I wrote during my Co-op with QVC in the spring semester of my junior year in 2017. The first four articles were published on QVC's intranet, promoting QVC's Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Affairs.

The Product Marketing Copy article contains unique product descriptions for baskets to be raffled off to support a charitable cause. The last article contains several short snippets about QVC's charitable giving in 2016. These write-ups were turned over to be published as a part of QVC's 2016 Contribution Summary Report .

La Salle Career Center Internship

This collection is an assortment of pieces I wrote for La Salle University's Career Center during my internship in the fall semester of my senior year in 2017. The first three pieces are original images.

The "Feature Fridays" stories are a product of my initiative to implement a new marketing strategy in order to showcase the success of current La Salle students and alumni. I interviewed each student and wrote their feature to be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and the Career Center's WordPress.

To view my social media work (November 1, 2017- January 15, 2018), visit @lasalleucareers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

General Business

These pieces represent general business learning outcomes from La Salle University. The first article is an annual report for a fake athletic footwear company as a part of the Business Strategy Game simulation. The Barnes & Noble slide deck is from my Marketing Strategy class, in which we were asked to develop a plan for a business with declining sales. The Harrah's slide deck is from my Business Strategy class, in which we were asked to analyze an IT case and present how technological databases supported the strategy of a business model.

The next two pieces were assignments for my Business 100 class in my Freshman year. I acted as the CEO of an imaginary company that is sending out a social responsibility memo to employees. This memo was used by my professor in class as an example of how the assignment should have been executed.

The second piece is a business plan that I worked on alongside two other group members. We were tasked with coming up with a product in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry and subsequently developing a business plan to be presented to real investors at the end of the semesters. As the leader of our group, I compiled, revised, and edited the entirety of this project. Our group won "Best Written Business Plan" at the end of the term.

La Salle Collegian

This collection is an assortment of pieces I wrote for La Salle University's newspaper, The Collegian. I was a contributor to the Arts and Entertainment section. Since these pieces were passed off to the editor of the section, please consider these as rough drafts that were eventually formulated into AP style for publication. The best of the bunch were picked to showcase!